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Homeopathy and Dementia

Homeopathy and Dementia

It seems we have always known fish is good for the brain. Now, in this first of two volumes on homeopathy and dementia, master homeopath Louis Klein comprehensively examines, with the application of homeopathic fish remedies, one of the biggest health issues currently facing the ageing population. 

The homeopathic perspectives of cognitive decline are described, and a fascinating exploration of the general themes of fish remedies follows. Materia medica of the 32 fish remedies includes the natural history and dementia indications and a Clinical Focus Guide. The book comprises not only known fish remedies like Gadus morhua, Oleum jecoris or Serum anguillae but also many unknown remedies like New Zealand kahawai, white sturgeon, great white shark, Atlantic herring, electric eel, guppy, angelfish, wels catfish, tuna and brown trout. As well, there are many illustrative cases, case vignettes and selected notes from the various provings, both modern and historical. Volume 1 concludes with definitions of all the various pathologies that come under the umbrella of ‘dementia’.

There is currently a dearth of information on the homeopathic treatment of dementia. This major text from Louis Klein is one of the first to tackle this crucially important topic in such an extensive manner and will therefore be essential for homeopaths working with seniors and immensely valuable to all practitioners. Volume 2 will follow, with remedies from the other kingdoms and a detailed lifestyle guide.

Buch:  600 Seiten, geb. 
Erscheint: 2022 
ISBN:  978-3-95582-252-1

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